Let’s Get Organized! Day 3


‪#‎ttchallenge‬ ‪#‎day3‬ of 14 in my pursuit to live a healthy life I don’t just need to have a healthy body. I need to live in a healthy environment. Such a simple quick task, took less than a minute to make my bed. Now when I start the day off feeling clean, organized and productive, not a mess.

Living with grief, as well with depression being clean can be challenging but very rewarding. Many times you would think ‘I should clean up!’ but it’s so easy to just push it away and waste your time watching trash TV or playing a game on the phone. But a clean house can….

-Help reduce stress

-Be good for the heart and soul

-Make home more inviting

-Help you get organized, both physically and mentally

-Reduce Mold and allergies

So the next time you think about cleaning, just stand up and get it done. You won’t lose a limb by taking ten minutes to clean!

So for #day3 of the #ttchallenge I want to come home after a long day and crawl into a comfy bed that’s clean and not fight with my bunched up blankets at night.


Let’s Get Organized! Day 3

Day 2, I need YOU!


#ttchallenge #day2 of 14. I know I’m not alone in my story of support and grief. For those people impacted by cancer, this challenge is for you!! My dad lived with cancer for 14 months, in his honor I am choosing to live a healthy lifestyle each day for every month he suffered.
This challenge is to show how our lives are Tied Together through support of our loved ones who are forced to live with cancer.

For day 2 I started working out in my apartment, now I have no excuse for not exercising. During the commercial break of the show I’m watching I do dips and wall sits. Who will join me in being healthy for 14 days to raise awareness for those supporting their loved ones living with cancer?

Just upload your picture of the day you joined the Tied Together challenge and show how healthy in the face of cancer you are!  After posting your picture, I challenge you to challenge 4 people to join you in that activity for the day to spread awareness. Today I nominate YOU to move this challenge off wordpress to your social media outlets.

Day 2, I need YOU!

Tied Together Challenge

I don’t just want another day I want a better day that my dad couldn’t have. My dad lived with cancer for 14 months when he died at age 50. If he lived with cancer for 14 months clearly I can live a healthy life for 14 days. Right?

For every month my dad lived with cancer I will remember his battle by living 1 healthy day. He had no choice in the way he lived once he got diagnosed with cancer, I still DO! For 14 days I plan on eating healthy and include simple exercises, such as sit ups, push-ups and walking because I will be healthy for my future. I am constantly feeling bad about the food I eat. My battle with bad food choices never stop and I know if I don’t curb my pint of ice cream, diet soda, potato chip lifestyle, the days of life I can enjoy are certainly numbered. I seem to prefer loading up on junk even though I know with each bite I will be at a higher risk of disease or health issues earlier in life. Instead of always worrying about my possible lousy future I am consuming, I want to take control and live clean for 14 days to learn how to make living healthy easy and become an essential part of my life for myself and those around me.

Who do you want to get healthy for and why? Join the Tied Together Challenge now!! #ttchallenge  Try the challenge now with your friends and family!

#ttchallenge #day1 Today I am empowering myself to get rid of the junk and buy the good stuff. Goodbye junk foods!


Tied Together Challenge

How things could have been. The meaning of life

It wouldn’t have stopped cancer.

Cured cancer.

Changed our path…or would it have?


I have been running a bereavement group, or as I call it a comfort group for adults who have lost a loved one. Why did I start this group? The pains of grief are too difficult to navigate alone so I want to help others in the same situation. I am fueled by this one never-ending thought, create a group with my moms needs after my dad died in mind. When I lost my dad, her husband we felt hopeless and trapped inside the dark and blurred walls of grief. Not only dealing with grief but also being broke and depressed we didn’t know help was out there and we didn’t know where to look. We thought our grief was unique only for us, which made the pain difficult to experience and talk about around others.

The group I run is free for all members, funded by through my 501(c)(3) the Too Much Too Soon Foundation, because money shouldn’t stop people from grieving. I know if I heard about a group like the one I run now when my dad passed I would have made my mom join, not that I think she would have fought me.  It was not healthy for her to sit and dwell on grief 24/7 with no outlet and no one to share her experience with. With a group to talk with she could have said what was on her mind, what scared her, or just sit, be silent listening and relating to other members. I know the group wouldn’t have prevented her cancer but it would have given her different quality of life until she passed.

Losing both my parents I have learned many lessons about life, if I sat and talked about all the lessons it would take days to explain.  The biggest lesson learned which only took nine years is I now understand the true meaning of life, well my meaning of life.  Life is for giving back, being your own hero and a hero for someone else. I fly by the seat of my pants, bite off more than I can chew and ‘wing it’ when it comes to life.  But that is only because I understand that when you take on more life than you expect, you learn about your breaking points. The single greatest lesson I learned in life is that pushing what you think possible builds confidence and self-understanding. When you play it safe inside your walls of what you think possible you don’t allow any ‘WOW’ moments in.  Those moments first viewed as errors or missteps that you think you should probably have never done.  ‘WOW moments define you, make you sit back and think ‘holy moly, I did this?!’  These moments are addicting, mostly because you push the boundaries of what you expect from yourself and want to keep pushing.

The meaning of life is about pushing your life’s limitations and not playing it safe but playing life risky to your advantage.  I learned this lesson not by choice but by need to survive my grief. It was down right depressing not knowing what or how to help those you love that need assistance, myself included. I sat on the sidelines a long time just wondering what I could do to help but never actually doing anything out of fear or insecurities that I couldn’t help. I lived inside a barrier I created that blocked me from living life only because I was scared of life.  I was being bullied by my perception of what I thought my role was in the world.  There inside the barrier I lived comfortably, perpetually worried and unsatisfied with the way things went but to scared to make any real choice inside the bubble of grief I thought I deserved to be in.  I was so wrong and didn’t realize that I had full control over my life until I pushed life, flew by the seat of my pants and I understood I can do no wrong, only right.

In my group I have one member who can’t afford to bury her deceased son. I currently am working on her behalf to bring her son home to her for free from another sate. I didn’t know how to go about this matter or know anyone who could help before saying ‘yes, I will help you’ all I thought of was my mom before I threw myself in fully. I thought of how we could have used the help when I first lost my dad and how nice it would have been to hear a person say ‘yes’ or ‘let me help you’ rather than an ‘um, maybe’ or ‘no.’

I was a kid who failed out of college twice, crawled my way back and ended up on the dean’s list.  All the moments in my past I was embarrassed about were nothing to be ashamed of but signs of my super powers I just didn’t know how to control. My powers I used were being stubborn, aggressive, noisy yet humble and persistent to the point of annoying because it was what got me the attention I needed for help. All the interactions I had in my day-to-day life including battles with bill collectors or conversations that played in my mind over and over again that had already happened, just dreaming of what I should have said made me.  Those are the moments that shaped me and made me able to call up another state and ask for help to bring a woman her son.

Another feather in my cap I wasn’t scared to tackle, I am currently teaming with a large cancer organization in NYC to create a mutual cancer support community on a large college campus in NYC. It may appear that I bite off more than I could chew, but I bite perfectly because I know my breaking points and take calculated risks for giant rewards.

I created these groups to be a hero to others and my past self and family. I can’t change the past and wouldn’t want to, I am using the worries and concerns of my past for fuel to shape my future.


-Life, what is it?  Whatever you want, seriously!




How things could have been. The meaning of life