~A To Do List~

Making a to do list is a big part of coping, at least from my perspective.  I feel being organized can help grieving.  There are so many events you can’t control or avoid, a list can assist making your life a little easier. It reduces stress and is a good way to feel mentally and emotionally fulfilled. I have been writing since I started my blog about making lists.  Those lists were about emotions, a your eyes only list. This to do list is not nearly as confidential. This is a list for simple tasks and errands. Those chores/errands you know you should be doing but are not.  I want you to take time coping, but also take time to challenge yourself.  Try things that you may never have thought you would do, like making this list.  Cause a little chaos in yourself by making this daily list for a week and see how you feel.  I feel without chaos there can be no personal transformation.  {But that topic is for another day, but start thinking about that}

For example making a list to clean your room and following through cleaning your room feels really positive. A long term or short term list will help you have control over your life and focus your attention on other more pressing issues. I know it may be hard to  make a list, you may have no time, no pens whatever it is. A list is a small step that has a large positive affect on your day, week and so on. The hardest part is getting up and writing it, once you are up you can kick some butt.

I remember when I started my list.  I had just one day off a week from school and work so I knew I had to boogie and get some errands done. I used to always just make  a list in my head.  What would happen?  I would sit on the couch all day thinking about what I had to do and never actually do any of it.  With the list just in my mind I could easily push it away, just like many other thoughts.  However, writing the list made me feel more accountable, responsible but mostly I would feel guilty if I did not start my list.  I had to earn sitting on the couch now. Finish my list off and than enjoy the couch for the whole night with out a single worry. Being more organized helped to simply my life, after a month of making a list I worte it with out even thinking.

Telling yourself in your head you need to go to the store for food is not the same as writing what you need.  Take that energy trying to collect your rolling thoughts for groceries and put it towards another activities that demand more attention.  A list helps to elimante the extra static of everyday life, save yourself some grief and aggrevation.  Write down a list, picture yourself going in and grabbing what you need.

It also feels great when you are done with your list because you have accomplisehed a detail of the day that would normally stress you out. I usually cross off tasks on my list as I go, it’s a good way to see what you are completing. Running errands can be a way to pick you up and make you feel better.

BEWARE: Don’t start off making a detailed list with difficult errands.  I would reccomded starting small  and basic, see how you do.  I do not want you to feel disappointed in yourself if you can not complete your list, that is not the point.  The point is for you to be easy as possible on you.

Tell yourself what you want and need

~Happy reading

~A To Do List~

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