~My Motto~

” I love myself.

I am where I am in life because of me.

I can feel good.

I can feel bad.

I can feel mad at myself.

But I will always love myself.

I support myself.

I am gentle on myself.

I am kind to myself.

I love my life.

My life experiences have made me love life.”

This motto I created helped calm me down. I would allow life to get under my skin some days and just eat away at me.  Those days that cause you to worry and be miserable over small things.  When this happened I would stop what I was doing and take a walk or drive repeating this mantra to myself.  I would also tap on my EFT pressure points while reciting it.{Click here for EFT tapping website}

You would think of one moment and just dwell on it.  I found it to be a situation that is out of your control.  You would just start to experience acute symptoms of grieving. Grieving would make you worry, panic and question everything about you and what you were doing. I hope you know the feeling I am talking about.

One example could be checking your bank account.  It may be the same amount for months, you know when it dips and when it rises.  But every once in awhile you panic about money, you let it control you. You freak out if you spent to much at dinner or drinking one night.  Maybe you spent $200 on a date that went south.  You just stress over fiances, I guess because you have disappointed yourself in a way. You loose sleep, toss and turn, fume day and night over a situation that a few days later you won’t even remember.

I started saying this motto when I found myself sweating the little things in life. I find I am very sensitive to feelings of being hurt, lonely or afraid of the unknown.  That unknown had a way of grabbing and suffocating me. It would feel like I did when my parents were sick or passed. Next time you feel overwhelmed take a few minutes and say this motto.  It is all part of learning to know you, love you and be kinder to you.

Love makes the world go round, love makes you world go round

~Happy Readings

~My Motto~

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