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I have taken some time to reflect and work this weekend towards a project I never actually thought I would see come to fruition.  The project is important to me but I will be talking about how to help yourself accomplish something you thought of as an impossible dream. I view people’s dreams like this: Everything around you is made from other people’s dream.  TV, computers, songs, movies, cell phones.  People thought up these products and gave you a bite of their dream.  You are using their dream daily, you should try using yours.

Everybody has dreams, ambitions and goals.  They may change overtime, may drop one dream, pick up another or maybe just keep fine-tuning a vision.I find many desires remain just that, unattainable goals that you just daydream about. Sitting around gazing off wondering about that life you could have had or where you could have gone, if only.  Have you ever tried to accomplish it? Make any steps towards it?  Have you ever thought you almost had it and stopped yourself?

I want you to ask yourself what you would do for your fantasy. Are you just sitting around expecting the right moment to unfold without effort? Are you daydreaming about when the right moment will come up? Before we think that, lets daydream about how you can actually tackle this dream. I want you to think about how you would get to where you want to go.  I want you to take one step forward towards it.  You can still daydream, I feel that everybody needs to have a certain level of fantasy about life to be successful.

Everything you do in life you take something from. When you take that new step forward you are opening yourself up to a new experience.  From that comes another new experience and so on.  It’s a domino effect of new experiences.  The thing about dreams that make them remain dreams is how you think you may not be good enough, savvy enough or motivated enough in your reality to obtain your vision.  You also don’t know what your next dream is if you are so busy just thinking about one dream. What’s your own dream-self dream?

I had a dream I would be an actor while living in London half the year writing books on something.  I tried acting and I am not committing my life to that profession. My dream was just a thought that when I tried did not like. I was content for so long living in a world where I would think I could be a star. In my head I just needed to be noticed. In reality I needed to actually do something to get noticed instead of just thinking I was Brad Pitt and Stephen King and somebody would just say “Hey you, you are the guy!.”

You are content just thinking about it and living in your fantasy world of writing that important world changing book, dating somebody, being on Letterman, becoming a teacher or graduate college.  Life is scary, I get that and I know that.  It is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed and dream of more., There is no free pass to those who experience hardships and grieve.  I know it feels like you should get a certificate or some sort of accolade for living with a sick or passed loved one.  There is not, all you have is you and your ambitions and dreams of what’s next.

I want you to start working towards your goal.  You don’t need a checklist or a detailed plan right away.  As you will find out just like dealing with your loved one being sick life doesn’t always go as plan but you make it work.  You survived them being sick or passing and still moved forward.  Aim your time at slowly chipping away your goal.  If you make mini monthly goals towards your dream you will find yourself achieving what you once deemed impossible.

If you are wondering about what I accomplished this weekend, my six-year dream has come true. I finally have started a non-profit for financially burdened families directly impacted by cancer.  The non-profit is called The Too Much Too Soon Foundation. {Website coming soon}  Also this weekend I became a motivational speaker, speaking to youths who are grieving.  During my time getting here I would get discouraged and take a break but I never gave up. I knew I had to do this dream because I felt guilty not working towards it in someway. Now I have a whole new set of goals and a new vision to explore.

It’s not how you start the race it’s how you finish.  These are your dreams, nobody else’s.  To do what you want, you have to know you and know what you want. Nobody else can tell you what you feel or want.  It is hard not to shape your dreams by the impact of society and the ones close to you, but you must know you and love you so you can do you.  I’d ask myself “5 years from now what will I regret more?”

I bailed out of doing what I wanted? Or I reached for my dreams to see what happened next?

Make the most of everything, everything leads to more everything

~Happy reading

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~Insert dreams here~

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